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The Gilded Razor

He came out at the age of He was forcibly entered into a wilderness rehabilitation in Utah at 17 [2] and became sober when he was He enrolled in the New School and got a degree in creative writing. He worked as a freelance music critic before joining the editorial staff of TIME.

In he released his first book The Gilded Razor , a memoir of his troubled teenage years: [4]. It took me a while to feel like I had enough distance to tell the story in the way that I wanted to tell it, but I feel like I reached a point to look back on it, and be removed enough to do it justice.


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Retrieved April 6, In my opinion, Lansky is not using humor in any gratuitous way to bring readers into his story. Humor is not the tone of the book, but part of the characterization of past Lansky, and I think the book is stronger for this approach.

By the end it seems miraculous that he survived. Lansky writes with a matter-of-fact tone and attention to detail, and he also uses urban and wilderness settings to great effect as background to his rapidly deteriorating situation and search for help.

I would have liked more analysis and contemplation about what happened at this transition point. As it is, however, the rapidness of this transition follows an emotional arc that left me in tears. The final two paragraphs, in my opinion, are too humble; Lansky ends with a universal statement, but what struck me the most about his memoir was how singular his strength was to overcome and manage his demons.

This is a very brave memoir, one in which Lansky allows himself to be extremely vulnerable and open.