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About Asa Briggs. Asa Briggs. In particular, his trilogy, Victorian People, Victorian Cities, and Victorian Things made a lasting mark on how historians view the nineteenth century.

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He was made a life peer in Books by Asa Briggs. He demonstrated the same skills in looking at social structures as skilled mechanics display in examining cars. Only when you know how something works are you in a good position to know how to mend it. But he moved beyond engineers to true art — the inspired leap that created so many different ventures. Not all his inventions followed this recipe. No one has ever turned personal experiences to more productive ends. In hospital with cancer in was where the College of Health was created, copied by NHS Direct providing patients with advice on their medical condition or guidance on different hospital waiting times.

The School for Social Entrepreneurs, Midlands

Organising the funeral of his second wife, Sacha, he saw the need to improve the training of funeral directors: the National Funeral College opened in Then there is the unfinished business. In a lecture to the British Association for the Advancement of Science in , Young tackled ageism. Given the greatest achievement in the 20th century was the reduction of injuries from biological ageing, he believed it was time for the 21st century to concentrate on the serious injuries of discrimination against older people, which he called social ageing.

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Finally, there is his satirical novel, The rise of the Meritocracy , widely misunderstood by Tony Blair and John Major among many others. He invented the concept not to encourage politicians to pursue it, but to warn them of the dangers of equal opportunity.

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This volunteer turned into a contractor, manufacturing intraocular lenses in large quantities. He now runs a profitable company and has contributed to restore sight to four million people. Almost nobody had truly measured its potential until the famous article by C. Prahalad and Stuart L.

While it suddenly fell in the category of profit stakeholders, this economic segment remains associated with practice characteristic of non-profit, which may bring the two groups to mingle, as the example of cataract surgery has shown. In this particular case, the success of the social entrepreneur is a function of his ability to mutate into a regular entrepreneur, while the businessman he is would never have arisen without the volunteering spirit that drove him at the beginning of his journey.

Both postures are inextricably intertwined. Entrepreneurial reality is complex, they found, because a middle ground reconciling economic and social motivations, societal entrepreneurship, has now added itself to the equation where there were previously only two extremes - traditional entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship.

What is social entrepreneurship?

Such an approach enables them to explore the various links between the three forms of entrepreneurship. Thus a new template is emerging for business types, marked by a search for meaning. Modern entrepreneurs are now aware of this responsibility and wish to part ways with a posture of mere consumption of the world. Social innovation can thus be regarded as an experimental space which provides leeway for the renewal of services commercial or public , but also of the main forces the businessman, utility, and value that drive our societies.

It needs to be studied, analyzed and appraised. However it's not that simple, for various reasons. First, right away integrating the concept of externality, that is to say, of collateral results that are impossible to measure is characteristic of these innovations.

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In the longer run, they may well develop a social efficiency that could go beyond the agenda of the initial project, by being a catalyst for social change and by contributing to the emergence of a new development model. But it remains difficult to reduce their value to statistics that command public policy and investor interest. How can greater recognition and development of such experimental spaces be achieved?

Michael Young, Lord Young of Dartington

Speaking at the aforementioned conference, Romain Beaume, professor at the Ecole Polytechnique Chair of Innovation Management , rightly pointed out that for over years, technological innovation has been the center of attention: be it through tracking, promotion, training of stakeholders, creation of dedicated private or public structures, tax policy, nothing has been neglected in fostering it. In contrast, social innovation is a practice at once ancient and very recent in the sense that its value has only been noticed in recent years. Institutions and economic tools liable to support its development are still of a rudimentary nature.

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  8. However models are emerging and new spaces appear. And with this we truly have reached one of the central themes of social innovation: to play around new interactions and benefit from them, turning them into the engine of an exchange dynamic - in a word: to give them value. So, if social innovation can become an intellectual and methodological model, could it in turn end up trapped into formulas and methods? Not unlike classic entrepreneurship, it is mainly driven by unusual characters, closer in kinship to the adventurer or the navigator than to the manager.

    While it is fascinating to observe social innovation in action, there is no certainty that it can be reproduced, nor that one successful experience can be set as a solid reference.