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Mobile communication voice and data networks are also intimately intertwinned, because the majority of 21st century cell phones have both voice and data internet navigation and emailing capabilities.

Digital global networks require huge carrying capacity in the main backbones. This is currently achieved by fiber optic cables. The Canadian sociologist Marshall McLuhan was the first to forecast the huge impact of the matrix of global networks upon society , coining the term global village. His work, however, related to radio and television networks, which are broadcast unidirectional networks, thus predating the much larger impact of the internet.

Global networks have revolutionized human communication several times. The first to do so was the electrical telegraph. Its impact was so large that it has been dubbed the Victorian Internet. It was expanded many times in its coverage with the advent of radiotelegraphy , and with text messaging using telex machines.

The Internet and mobile communication networks have made possible entirely new forms of social interaction , activities and organizing, thanks to its basic features such as widespread usability and access, and instant communication from any connected point to another. Thus, its social impact has been, and still is, enormous. Finally, the impact on governance have been significant facilitating the emergence of 'transnational policy networks' [3]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Member Societies. Welcome Pack.

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