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Egyptian, Druidic, and Greek mysteries were added to the Rosicrucian's alchemy system around Various groups formed in the late s and early s, claiming Rosicrucian origins, some of which continue in existence today. Some of these groups profess to possess esoteric knowledge related to the teachings of Christianity , while others are associated with Freemasonry. Still others, such as the Order of the Golden Dawn, are considered to be initiating orders that emphasize Western mystery traditions while retaining many Eastern methods and teachings, and may not consider themselves to be Christian organizations.

The Secret Rosicrucian Adept Alois Mailander

What do the Rosicrucians believe? That is a question that may have been easier to answer a few centuries ago than it is now, as there are different branches, or orders, of Rosicrucians who do not necessarily hold to the same beliefs. However, one theme that is common the Rosicrucianism appears to be mysticism, or the idea that they possess secret knowledge.

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To those on the inside of the Rosicrucians, their beliefs may indeed be clear. Secrecy, after all, is central to all Rosicrucian organizations. However, to those on the outside, Rosicrucian theology appears vague and undefined. A Rosicrucian Speaks.

"For Gnosis of the Good is holy silence..."

Authored by the late Joseph J. Several articles, published between and , are published here, covering topics such as the significance as the Rosicrucian Cross, meditation, the birth of Christ, baptism, and illusion. A biography of the author and a list of his books are included. The official portal for the Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis offers links to other official sites of the Rosicrucian Order, including the websites of Rosicrucian Grand Lodges, listed in twenty-three languages, the Rosicrucian Community site, and other informational sites.

Other resources include an overview of the Order, a link to where contributions or inquiries about membership may be made, recent promotional or informational videos or images, and a library of documents. Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis. A description of its philosophies, and on becoming a Rosicrucian student are included, along with several informational text files, video, and a directory of Rosicrucian centers and facilities. Confraternity of the Rose Cross. The Rosicrucian fraternal order and school of mysticism serves the ideals of the Rosicrucian movement, offering an overview of its history, teachings, and visions, as well as a system of study for those who feel an urge to travel along the path of spiritual evolution.

Its membership policies, contacts, and a private area for registered members are included, available in English, French, and Portuguese.

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A blog and a library of informational documents are featured.. Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Cross. Presented in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish, the official site of the OKRC presents a profile and history of the Order, including its organizational structure, traditions, membership policies and initiation procedures, and an overview of its work and practices, online study program. Lectorium Rosicrucianum. Founded in , the school of esoteric Christianity teachers a form of Christian Gnosticism based on the concepts and symbology of Rosicrucianism, the Cathars, and other forms of mystical thought, such as Hermeticism and alchemy.

Its official international site features an interactive map showing its worldwide locations, youth and children's programs, educational goals, photographs, answers to frequently asked questions, and administrative contacts. Order of the Rose and Cross. Established in , the independent Rosicrucian Order aspires to be truly Rosicrucian in its aims and practices, to preserve and spread the interest in Christian esotericism through study, debate, and meditation.

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Its organizational structure is outlined here, along with its membership policies, Rosicrucian manifestos and imagery, a library of informational articles and documents, and links to related sites. RF Friends. Maintained by and for members of the Rosicrucian Fellowship, but not an official site of the Fellowship, registered members are invited to submit photographs, artwork, articles, manuscripts, letters, announcements, and other matters for publication, each to be evaluated on the basis of the precepts for the Rosicrucian students, and will be used at the discretion of the site administrators.

A blog is included. Rose Croix Journal. The Rose Croix Journal is an international peer-reviewed journal, published by the Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis Rosicrucian Order , that publishes articles on a variety of topics related to science, history, the arts, mysticism, and spirituality, from a Rosicrucian perspective, along with research. The current issue is available online, along with an archive of past issues. Have an Access Token? Enter your access token to activate and access content online.

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It was not known to Western scholars until the twelfth century, when it was translated three times within a span of 30 years. Enlarge cover.

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Return to Book Page. Parabola a Rosicrucian Tale by Hinricus Madathanus. This is considered to be one of the most important alchemical allegories of the Rosicrucians.


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